Which way to go?

Another part of the preparations and something everyone is curious about: what is going to be our route. My original dream was to ‘overland’ to Africa: driving overland. Since Syria or Iraq are neither places we really want to go to at the moment overlanding is not really an option, we have to take a boat at some point to cross the Mediterranean.
Next decision: East or West. As I have lived a couple months both in East and in West Africa (and Timo has never set foot on the continent) the choice was up to me. My preference was definitely the WestCoast, visiting all those countries almost no one ever visits, seeing cultures in it’s purest, less effected form. This would mean we would drive to Gibraltar, cross Morocco, Mauritania, but also Mali, Nigeria, Cameroon and Congo. The Westcoast has a lot of borders and as some might know: border crossings in Africa (or other places in the world for that matter, except for Europe) can be a pain in the ass! For long the plan was however to do the West Coast, but spending half of our trip exploring the countries of Southern Africa. As most know, plans change all the time and now we are doing the East Coast! What changed our minds? We heard stories of ‘overlanders’ doing similar trips getting stuck in Nigeria trying to enter Cameroon. Besides all the other hassles in countries on that route, we decided not to make it ourselves too difficult and just change our plans. This would mean we can enjoy Europe as well, ship our car from Italy to Egypt and continue our journey down from there, driving all the way up through the desert and up the Nile. From there we will enter Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi and further on exploring southern Africa.