Our Long Way Down, 1 month to go! Planning & Preparations

One Month FROM now we will start on our big adventure: our long way down from Amsterdam to Capetown. to give those who are interested some insight in our adventure, please keep following me on instagram or subscribe in my mailinglist so you will be updated everytime I have a new post online about our adventures. 
 how it all started
In September last year (2017) Timo and I started to dream about future trips we would love to make made me express my dream of driving all the way to South Africa in a car. Timo loves to go on adventures and happily challenged me to start this adventure together and just do it! For me this big dream was too much to wish for, not knowing even where to start. Timo on the other hand, has the ability to make things happen, not matter how big they are. So we made a plan, we would save each month and after a year we would take off on our long way down.  
what are we driving?
Of course we started of with some research on which cars are best suited for this trip through Africa. We knew they had to be 4×4 so almost instantly we decided it had to be a Toyota Landcruiser or a Landrover Defender. Timo started looking for second hand cars and in December he found a white Toyota Landcruiser 80 offered by Geval & Van Dijk, in Harderwijk. After work we headed there and fell in love with the car. It had about 100.000 km on the meter (which is nothing if you know that the car was built in 1995!) and looked almost new! We had to decide quit quick since these kind of cars, especially in the condition this one was, are very popular!
 our new home on wheels
This car is going to be our home for 7 months, so it better be a good one! So where do we sleep? We decided to get a rooftoptent, easy to set up and more space in the car to take some stuff with us. After some researching we picked the Eezi Awn Series 3. To make it more like a home we also bought an awning, to get a bit of shade in the heath of Africa. Inside our car we have a fridge and a portable Coleman stove to cook our meals. My dad is helping us (read doing all the work) with the insides of our car. He is building a cabinet to store everything, building an extra chair (since we removed the bench) while making sure we keep the flexibility to also sleep in the car when necessary.  My mam is helping us with some decorations, making us nice cushions for the chairs and covers for the carseats so they will get less hot in the burning sun. 

The coming weeks we will finish the interior and darkening the windows to try to keep the sun out as much as possible. We will set up an extra battery for our electronic needs (for laptop charging and my handblender to make some smoothies on the way) which will be connected to a solar panel as well. I will try to give all the stuff we will bring with us a place in the car.